World Contraception Day 2023

Her Plan is Her Power – World Contraception Day

September 2023

Around the world, nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned, representing a significant public health crisis and one that has rippling effects across education and employment outcomes through generations.1,2

Making the decision to have children is one of the most important decisions a woman can make – and yet many do not have access to the resources to help them make this choice on their terms. An estimated 162.9 million women have an unmet need for modern contraceptive methods, one of the many challenges that women face in managing their reproductive health and the timing and spacing of pregnancies.3

As the only company of its size dedicated to women’s health, Organon is well positioned to address this complex issue. Our vision is a better and healthier every day for every woman, and one where she can address her own health needs in her way. 

On World Contraception Day, we are publishing a progress report showcasing our global efforts to reduce unplanned pregnancies. As a company, we committed to helping prevent 120 million unplanned pregnancies worldwide by 2030. In March, we launched the Her Plan is Her Power initiative to collate existing programs and kickstart new partnerships all tied to reducing unplanned pregnancies, marking a significant investment in achieving this goal. One of our programs is the Her Promise Access Initiative that has helped prevent approximately 57 million unplanned pregnancies – putting us half-way towards our goal.4

The Her Plan is Her Power initiative represents many of the tangible steps we’re making towards our goal of not only a reduction in unplanned pregnancies, but also a healthier future for her, for generations to come. This progress report delineates the clear actions we’ve taken through the initiative, together with partners, to reach women in need and empower them to own future they want.

Through these collective actions, we can begin to help build a world where women and girls can plan their futures and fulfil their promise.

On World Contraception Day, and every day, Organon is here for her health.