Fitter Forums

Maintaining the skills and confidence of clinicians is essential to the provision of LARC services. The Nexplanon Training Support Programme (NTSP) offers support to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) working in contraception, in order to develop their skills and interest. The Nexplanon Fitter Forums are an essential part of this programme.

NTSP is fully funded by Organon and part of the Risk Minimisation Measures for Nexplanon.

What? Who? Why?

What is it?

Nexplanon Fitter Forums are non-promotional meetings held by NTSP, for the education and support of Nexplanon fitters. They give fitters the opportunity to hear latest updates, share best practice and discuss patient scenarios with fellow Nexplanon fitters.

Who is it for?

The Nexplanon Fitter Forums offer 3 levels of forums, tailored to meet your personal objectives, whether you are a new, intermediate, or experienced fitter. You can submit specific questions or scenarios you would like to discuss ahead of the meeting. The forums provide the opportunity to network with other clinicians and receive an update on current guidance.

New or returning to fitting Nexplanon

This forum is aimed at new or recently trained fitters, or clinicians returning to the insertion and removal of Nexplanon who would like an update. We will be discussing techniques, sharing best practice, and reviewing common concerns or difficulties.

Intermediate Fitter Forum

This forum is aimed at clinicians who are established fitters but require an update. We will address latest guidance from the FSRH, discuss any new changes, and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss issues encountered in practice or management of difficult cases.

Advanced Fitter Forum

This forum is aimed at clinicians who are established fitters who wish to network with other experienced fitters and discuss more complex cases. An opportunity to share their experience with difficult cases and pathways they have developed.


Why is it needed?

Access to, and uptake of LARC is a recognised healthcare priority in order to reduce the incidence and impact of unintended pregnancies. The current limited use of LARC suggests that Healthcare Professionals would benefit from more guidance and training so that they can help women make an informed choice.1

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  1. NICE 2019. Clinical Guideline 30. Long-acting Reversible Contraception update 2019.


FSRH = Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
HCP = Healthcare Professional
LARC = Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive
NTSP = Nexplanon Training Support Programme

GB-XPL-115396 | Date of Preparation December 2022