Sign up for Etonogestrel Clinical Training

To ensure the safety of your patients and your comfort level with the insertion and removal procedures, we strongly recommend taking the clinical training program if you intend to insert/remove the implant. The program consists of an online theoretical component and in-person practical training component..

Learning Resources

Want to learn more about the implant and/or how to get trained? Please log in to access the clinical training program and additional medical educational resources below, including insertion/removal videos and learning modules.

Insertion/Removal Videos

Learn how the etonogestrel implant is inserted and removed. The videos are not intended as a substitute for training.

Theoretical Modules

These self-directed online modules cover counseling, insertion, removal, and localization of the implant. Not intended as a substitute for training.

Educational Resources

Additional resources to support healthcare professionals along their learning journey with the etonogestrel implant.

Medical Information

Connect with a medical information specialist for medical inquiries.